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Statement for the sick family

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The European project of search has been introduced on the base And-rare Project Coordinator Prof. Roberto Ravazzolo, responsible of the Laboratory of Genetics Molecular Institute G. Gaslini in Genoa


We are delighted to inform all of our associates and not, of the birth of the collaboration between our association and the prof. Roberto Ravazzolo, responsible of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics near the institute G.Gaslini in Genoa, Rocco's dott.ssa Maja, (Responsible Illnesses Rare Hospital Gaslini in Genoa), the prof. Kaplan (what all we know) and the dott.ssa E. Shore of the university Pennsylvania (USA).
The prof. Ravazzolo has already performed with success the first molecular diagnosis on a patient hospitalized affection from FOP and it is his/her intention to continue the search of mutations of the gene (ACVR1) on all the known Italian sick.
It is important therefore that the sick of FOP make to reach to the center of the prof. Ravazzolo, a champion of venous blood (
test-tube from Emocromo vacutainer K3E 5.4 mg-3mls).
All the hospitals posseggono this test-tube.
The collecting must be accompanies from a card that you/he/she can be unloaded by our site and that you/he/she must be compiled with all the in demand data.
It is important to make to reach the champion of blood within the 24 hours from the collecting to the laboratory of genetics and not over the business day of Thursday.

The collectings must be sent to:

Prof.Roberto Ravazzolo
Laboratorio di Genetica Molecolare
Istituto G.Gaslini
Dipartimento di Pediatria e CEBR
Largo G.Gaslini 5
16148 Genova
tel. 010 5636370
fax 010 3779797

Beside it is possible to unload the form for the accompaniment of the collectings.

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