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The Disease

What the F.O.P is. ? - general signs

The Progressive Fibrodisplasia Ossificante is a rare genetic illness in which you/they manifest him in the muscles of the fragments of bones, in the tendons, in the ligaments and in other connective fabrics.
His/her children struck by F.O.P. they have entirely a normal aspect to the birth, exception done for a congenital deformation of the alluce. Within the 20 years, aching fibrous nodules develop him in the neck, in the back, and in the shoulders. Then these nodules become bones with a called biochemical trial ossificazione eterotopica.
Subsequently F.O.P. it progresses along the trunk and the limbs replacing the healthy muscles with fragments of bones of the normal aspect. These fragments or bridges seriously stop the mobility of the articulations. If it is tried to surgically remove them it instigates him a further and even more aggressive ossificazione since every type of trauma what, note, surgical intervention, a small trauma, a fall or an intramuscular injection, accelerate the elapsed of the F.O.P.
The elapsed of the F.O.P. it is highly varying and unpredictable. In some people, the illness quickly develops him, while in others the trial is more gradual. For some people you/they can spend some months, even of the years, without suffering a crisis of ossificazione; for other people the process of ossificazione doesn't give truce. For all the people, the ossificazione can suddenly happen or following a trauma, striking any muscle.
F.O.P. not only cause the production of excessive bone, but hands to the formation of a second skeleton that winds the muscles. The patient is found confined in a cage of bones without possibility to go out of it.
You esteems that in the world there is 2.500 people affette from F.O.P., or one every 2 million.
Despite the rarity of cases, the search has made important discoveries for what the fundamental tappes of the skeletal formation concern.

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