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Serra Riccò (GE) 2-3 september 2006

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Demonstration solidarity for the F.O.P.

2 and September 3 rd 2006, Pedemonte of Greenhouse is held to Riccò (GE) a beautiful party of solidarity for the search on the FOP, magistrally organized by Our partners founders and them families Moorish & Pollarolo, that I officially thank for how much you/they have done and you/they are doing.
The program has been
Saturday 2 September: Lyric evening with the support of the LIONS CLUB tall Genoa Valpolcevera
SUPPER: raw appetizer in Parma - Minestrone to the Genoese (of aunt Juliet) - Asado (of Antonello) Peaches of Greenhouse Riccò.
Note of the editor: the Minestrone of aunt Juliet and L ' Asado of Antonello have been two magnificent dishes and it tell you him a known glutton and gourmet.
Domenica 3 September: Evening of dance smooth Orchestra Mauro Rizzi up
SUPPER: Potato dumplings to the funghi/ragùs, skewers, contours you launch and so many other delicious things.
Presence of a stand with objects of the craftsmanship manufactured by hand in sale and the result all association has been devolved.
The population has intervened in crowd, the doctors of the Gaslini were present Prof. Ravazzolo and Di Rocco and other anchor and all is tightened around association in really warm way.
The party has been a success under all the points of view and we has picked up a lot of offers that will serve for the search, besides you/he/she has been coined a slogan that we do ours
“Rare, MA Not More.”
The tickets of the lottery have been drawn out that bring here for all the nses. associates and sympathizers.
1 prize n. 1899 specchieras in ceramics (piece of antiquariato)
2 prize n. 2066 couple vases glosoné (antiquariato)
3 prize n. 1839 basket of meats offered by the salumificio Orero

The president F.O.P. Italy
Enrico Cristoforetti

Service television envoy in wave on the net First Channel Liguria on the occasion of the demonstration.

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