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Welcome in the official site of the Italian association F.O.P. (Progressive Fibrodisplasia Ossificante) Onlus

Our association is constituted by parents and relatives of people, mainly children, sick of F.O.P.
Our intent is that to give a help to all those people that as us they are to face this problem through the information interchange and experiences.

Fop Italy: ours object to you

Since F.O.P is the rarest disease (1 every case 2.000.000) and consequently nearly disowned, wants to provoke and to maintain the public interest on the problems of the subject affections from F.O.P promuovendo and supporting the scientific search, through the collection of deep assigning the same one.For a person hit from F.O.P it is extremely important to be able to speak with that it understands the difficulties that it must face; we try to from each other place aim to the isolation of the past putting in contact the persons plagued from problems deriving from the F.O.P.We contribute moreover to the improvement of the existing informative patrimony in Italy approximately the necessities and the indispensable supports for sick of F.O.P and the their families, in particular informing them on the cure possibilities, therapies, places of attendance and first participation.Promuoviamo and we favor through encounter, you debate yourself, scientific conferences, manifestations rising of work groups, associations, medical plans for the study of the F.O.P., speeding up also the emanation of specific legislative provisions you.

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last updating : 07 september 2007

ATTENTION: the information published in this site one cannot in some way to replace diagnosis, cures and treatments of medical professionals.

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